Get certified in Permaculture Design while enjoying the atmosphere of world-class Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre!

What's special about the Danyadara Permaculture Design Course?

If you consider permaculture part of your life (or plan to make it so), want to gain practical experience in a welcoming and soothing environment and obtain an internationally recognised accreditation, this is the course for you!

In addition to the traditional Permaculture Design Course curriculum, here at Danyadara you will be able to explore the many ways in which holistic management, syntropic agriculture and soil regeneration principles come together into an inspiring project.

This is what the experience looks like:

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About Danyadara
  • Study and experiment in the beautiful settings of Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre
  • Enjoy yoga classes and delicious, garden-to-kitchen vegetarian food
  • Receive theory and hands-on training from Jacob and Leslie, our resident permaculture experts
  • Gain confidence to implement your future projects
  • Learn about permaculture in arid and dry climates
  • Be part of an amazing yogic community

How is the course structured?

We cover the 72 hours of taught content of a standard PDC:

  • Introduction to permaculture ethics and principles
  • Design process, methods and tools
  • Soil management, regeneration and fertility
  • Water use, harvesting, storage and aquaculture
  • Plants and trees, forest gardening, agroforestry and holistic management
  • Climatic factors and permaculture around the world
  • Food production, polycultures and broad scale agriculture
  • The built environment, energy efficiency and urban permaculture

... We will also explore some bonus extras which fit into the regenerative land manager's toolkit, such as  Alan Savorys 'Holistic Management', P.A. Yeoman's 'Keyline Scale of Permanence' and Ernst Gotschs 'Syntropic Agriculture'.

A field trip in the surrounding area will also give you the opportunity to explore further how some of the theory is applied within other projects.

Also, our approach fits our context. We are here to show you what permaculture design can look like in a Mediterranean setting. Each site is different, and we will leave you with a real understanding of how to become sensitive and adapt your approach to the context.

Permaculture students


Danyadara PDC has been a learning experience on how to approach a community garden. I thought the mix of theory and practical experimental work allowed for overall skill development. All the tasks I have been involved in and the knowledge from the PDC, have helped me to see what might be necessary to living permaculture and integrating with the traditions from our culture to create a wholly balanced lifestyle.

Sam Bruton Farmer & Permaculture designer

Which option is best for you?


Bring your own tent

3 delicious vegetarian meals per day

Up to 7 yoga classes per week

72 hours of tuition & course materials.

Price: 1200€


Shared Eco-House

3 delicious vegetarian meals per day

Up to 7 yoga classes per week

72 hours of tuition & course materials.

Price: 1400€


Private Glamping Tent

3 delicious vegetarian meals per day

Up to 7 yoga classes per week

2 treatments (massage or acupuncture)

72 hours of tuition & course materials.

Price: 2200€

Work exchange option

We offer 100€ discount to anybody who is happy to help with daily chores around the farm and retreat centre. These are essential to the smooth running of the place and include feeding animals, cleaning of compost toilets and harvesting food for our kitchen. They will take approximately two hours per day on a rota basis.

Please indicate in the booking form if you would like to participate to the work exchange.

permaculture students


A fantastic course in a superb location, Danyadara PDC is at the forefront of reversing desertification in Andalucia. They have created a unique balance of theoretical and practical teaching, taught by the passionate land manager Jacob Evans. Living on site this PDC is an opportunity not to be missed.

Richard Stringer Land artist & permaculture designer


​Danyadara is located between Prado del Rey and Villamartin, in the foothills of the National Park of Sierra de Grazalema, in Andalusia. This is an abundant landscape with ​magnificent ​mountain ranges, historical white villages and plenty of opportunities for tourism, outdoor activities, and recreation.

Book your place! Please complete this form and we will be in touch about making the payment required to secure your place. Feel free to ask any questions here.


Taking part in the Danyadara PDC will forever be a memorable experience. Each day outside in the beautiful landscape, observing, designing, digging, planting, watering, daydreaming! For me, the course highlighted how creative you can be within the framework of permaculture. How it can be applied in many diverse ways. Because of this, Danyadara has given me the confidence to move forward with my own future projects.

Louise Baker Student & permaculture designer

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