A gift that grows!

“He that plants a tree loves others besides himself” — Thomas Fuller

This Christmas gift nature to your loved ones and your generosity will literally grow! You can purchase our Gift A Tree Christmas Card for friends, family or yourself, we will send the card to whomever you tell us.

Why trees?

Because trees are our best tools to restore the land and help reverse the damaging effects of desertification mushrooming across Southern Spain by:

  • Absorbing harmful carbon dioxide in the air and producing life-giving oxygen.
  • Providing much needed shelter and nourishment for the soil, wildlife and plants.
  • Absorbing and sharing precious water and nutrients boosting biodiversity.
  • Creating an edible sustainable food forest.

Help us continue our mission to take care of the land and create a legacy for future generations.

With the help of your donations, we have planted more than 5,000 trees as part of our mission to create a sustainable food forest full of fig, carob and mulberry trees; we have regenerated an ancient olive groves; grown a flourishing vegetable garden; created systems to harvest our precious water and nourished the soil through boosting biodiversity and rewilding.

Over the last years, we have transformed our home in an arid stretch of Andalusia into a green oasis, but there is still plenty more to be done.

Be part of our journey to green the planet.



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