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Meet our pioneer trees

Speeding up nature is our best hope.

All of our work is an effort to use human ingenuity to mimic nature. Our initial tree planting along our keyline pattern is designed with trees that can survive the desert-like conditions that our land currently offers.

These pioneer trees may not be the most beautiful or the most familiar, but our starting lineup is the right flora to face the challenges ahead. With our help, of course.

We asked our Garden Manager to give us an introduction to our starting lineup:

White Mulberry

Awesome because: Fast growing, drought hardy and produces an abundance of edible fruit.


Awesome because: Native, can be made into a chocolate substitute, liqour, syrup or flour.


Awesome because: Native pioneer, fixes nitrogen and acts as a nurse shrub that helps other plants by creating shade and wind protection.


Awesome because: Quick biomass producer, produces a sweet edible sap which can be tapped and also good for arabic gum.

Tipuana Tipu

Awesome because: Already growing well on our land, fixes nitrogen, fast biomass producer and creates a nice filtered shade for more fragile plants to establish beneath.

Once planted, we will employ a system of regular trimming and thinning to enable our trees to grow bigger without putting our valuable resources out in the open for weeds to consume. By building organic material in place to give us the healthy soil we need, our future land will support an even larger plant diversity.