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Volunteer with us!

Are you looking for a rewarding volunteering experience in the beauty of the Andalusian countryside? Do you have some experience in gardening, farming or want to explore these fields more?

If you work well in teams, are positive, flexible and available for at least 1 month, we want to hear from you!


Tasks: We have several syntropic and veggie beds in our gardens that need care and water, a green house, a food forest in its initial stage and 800 olive trees. There are also quite a few animals (chickens, alpacas, goats, sheep, horses) that help us graze and fertilise the land.

Our volunteers help with general tasks out in the gardens such as planting, mulching, mowing, watering, pruning etc. In the summer, watering, harvesting and maintaining the land are our top priorities. Because of the heat, we work early in the morning from 7:30am to lunch time and then around 1 hour in the evening before or after dinner.

Autumn is the time for sowing and planting while from the middle of October through November we harvest olives from the groves as well as care for the land and gardens.

In addition, there are daily tasks which everyone carries out on a rota basis and take up a couple of hours. These are essential to the smooth running of the place and include feeding the chickens, cleaning the compost toilets, taking the rubbish out, and harvesting herbs and edible flowers for our kitchen.

Hours required: 5/6 hours per day 6 days a week. Minimum stay of 1 month.

Accommodation: Depending on the time of the year and availability, our volunteers stay in the olive farm about 10 minutes walk from Suryalila Retreat Centre.

The accommodation is cosy and comfortable in a quirky and unique eco- building called Casa Azul, created from an old swimming pool using only natural materials. There are four rooms in the house to share with another volunteer of the same sex. We provide bedding and towels. Hot showers and compost toilets are located just outside the building and you can also use the facilities available at the retreat centre.

Please note you cannot choose your own accommodation, it will be assigned to you as available unless you bring your own tent, which is also an option, or live in your own van/camper-van.


Exchange: In exchange for your help, we offer three organic vegetarian meals a day, daily yoga classes, use of our facilities – including sauna and swimming pool when available, as well as the experience of being part of a welcoming group of like-minded people and live in a stunningly beautiful place.

The place: Please be aware that Danyadara is a non-profit association hosted by Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre, we are not a community. You will need to respect the peace and the business needs of the retreat centre.

No drugs, smoking, noise or excessive drinking is allowed on the property. (Smoking is allowed in designated areas only)

The centre is located in the countryside, about one hour walk (6km) or 30 minutes bike ride to the nearest village. Sometimes lifts can be arranged but this is not guaranteed and totally up to the car owners.

Health Insurance: You are required to have travel/health insurance or a European Health card that covers you in case of sickness or injury.

How to get here: To get to Suryalila you can fly into Seville, Jerez or Malaga airport and then take a bus to Villamartin where we will pick you up from. If you are flying into Seville you need to get the bus from Prado San Sebastian bus station. Here you can find the bus timetable.

How to apply: If you are positive, hard-working, respectful, easy going and looking for a rewarding experience, write a few paragraphs about yourself including your nationality, age, interests and work experience and email it to [email protected]. It is always nice to receive a photo too 🙂

Availability: Please note that we are now welcoming volunteers starting from the 25th July 2019. Before confirming, please make sure you can definitely commit to stay with us for the agreed time.