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If you are flying here from anywhere in Europe, in order to compensate for your carbon footprint, you need to plant one tree, roughly calculated. From the USA or a similar distance, you would need to plant approximately two to three trees. Suryalila is home to Danyadara (which means Blessed Earth) – a non-profit permaculture project, which is building a food forest and planting thousands of trees every year. You will be given a tour of our project during your stay.

Your donations will be used to plant and maintain trees:

25€ will purchase and sustain one tree
50€ will purchase and sustain two trees
100€ will purchase and sustain four trees

Please consider setting your donation as a periodic monthly contribution. Not only will you offset your carbon footprint, but you will be assisting Danyadara in our efforts to reverse desertification in Andalusia, as well as providing a viable model for sustainable farming.

Thank you for contributing to a sustainable future!