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YES we have some happy news we want to share with you! We’ve reached our first milestone ofĀ ā‚¬ 10.000.Ā Here is a short video where Jon and Jacob explain how we are going to invest the money that our followers have so generously donated andĀ how important it is to reachĀ ourĀ SECOND MILESTONEĀ as soon as we can! Check out our videoblog!

Our second milestone
In order to irrigate a 7 hectare wheat field into a food forest we’re gonna need a huge amount ofĀ water. What we plan to do is not to buy it in, BUT to harvest the rain water that we get in the rain season which starts around december. This means we have only a few months left to reach this second milestone of ā‚¬ 20.000. If you would like help us (and mother earth) to reach this goal, pleaseĀ click here to donateĀ (if you wish to donate with Paypal please click here). Thank you so much!

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Love and hugs,

The Danyadara Team x