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“We are dependant on each other, therefore replenishing the soil, replenishing society and being part of one continuum – that’s the new story”. Satish Kumar : Soil, Soul & Society

Danyadara is an organisation we started in the beginning of 2016. After presenting it a couple of months ago the response has been overwhelming. We are a not for profit organisation tucked away in the golden hills of Andalusia, where we are tending to our permaculture garden and reversing desertification around our land.

The next milestone we are working towards is to build a flourishing fruit forest in our 7 hectare wheat field – but we need your help!

No matter where you are from or who you are, whether you’re an animal or a tree! – one thing we all have in common is that we all live on this planet. So it is our duty as connected beings to be caretakers of this Earth that we are so blessed to live on.

Summer is here!

Each year the earth that surrounds us is drying up quicker and quicker. As we have entered the summer the lands become bare and our wells dry up. We have a tremendous amount of drought and it’s necessary for us to start buying in water. The fields have become so barren and dry from persistent degradation. Our natural resources in this area are depleting, there is massive erosion in the soil and a huge amount of crop failure, making it almost impossible to farm.

The result of this desert land has been detrimental. The effects of this have caused animals to lose their homes and habitats, health problems are rising from the amount of chemicals the local farmers are using on their crops, unemployment rates have risen. Now these once luscious lands are affecting livelihoods and are soon to be uninhabitable for even the people. By 2030 if we allow these ways of farming to carry on – we are looking at the New Sahara desert arriving in the South of Europe!

That’s a terrifying prospect. People are not wanting to become farmers because there is no reasonable future.

Creating Hope

With hope to influence and motivate surrounding lands, we are doing our best to implement alternatives, reverse these processes and be part of a growing and blossoming movement of people that believe a different future is possible. If we can be productive with our sustainability then we will be able to inspire other people to do the same, stay in the area, and build a future here.

We have a wonderfully harmonious and hardworking team at Danyadara; from volunteering in the garden at Suryalila Retreat Centre, to a creative marketing and social media team.

In the last few weeks, we have been incredibly active. Our facebook page has grown rapidly with followers and interest. Doug Crouch Project Manager, sat in the Danyadara hot seat a few weeks ago and went live on Facebook, allowing anyone to come and ask him any question about anything. The video is easily available to watch on our Facebook page.

We have started doing weekly presentation evenings with a tour of our garden, followed by wine and cheese, with motivational talks and some captivating, well-informed videos. We have had real enthusiastic responses from guests! The donations have been generous and the tshirts have been selling too! 100% of the profits made from selling our tshirts are going towards the food forest project. But more on that soon 😉


The Danyadara team! Let’s plant some trees 🌳💪 #desertification #organicfarming #permaculture #sustainability #love

Publicado por Danyadara en Viernes, 2 de junio de 2017


Mary from The Danyadara Team
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