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Happy Summer Solstice!

So summer is here…Unfortunately for us it’s not as exciting as it is for most of Europe. It’s dry, desolate and for most of the day it is too hot to be outside. So our flourishing garden can perish very easily. We have started to buy in water as there has been a real shortage the last week or so – and this is a record. This only enables us to water our beloved garden a minimal amount. The temperature was over 40 °C (104.0 °F) this week and it’s only going to get hotter. The harsh sun and lack of water could have a detrimental effect on our garden over the next few months.

On the plus side, we have had an incredibly great week in terms of donations from the guests of Suryalila Retreat Centre. On Tuesday we held a very successful presentation evening with all of the guests who shared our passion for tackling this deserted area. Then on Wednesday, Suryalila kindly hosted an event in aid of Danyadara. People from all over the area joined in on “108 Sun Salutations” for International Yoga Day. We received a generous amount of donations from people, a few left with our uber trendy tshirts too!



We had a blast saluting the sun 108 times In Spanish, Bulgarian, English, Russian, Dutch, Sanskrit, Indonesian, Japanese, French and German for the International Yoga Day. Thanks to all strong, enthusiastic and eager participants.

Posted by Suryalila Retreat Centre on Tuesday, 27 June 2017



Earlier in the week we bought some plants with our donations from the previous weeks to plant around the Dome at Suryalila Retreat Centre (if you want to donate, click here!).

We dug up the whole area and planted an array of succulents, little palm trees, large birds of paradise trees and more

Volunteers at Danyadara

We have worked hard all week; digging up the surrounding solid and dry earth, planting lots of unique and exciting plants, just in time before it gets too hot to plant anything!

We have been getting up with the Sun – which rises around 7.30am – to start work and working until Midday and then not returning until the late evening as it is too hot to be out in the Sun past these times. So think how our beloved green friends feel in this scorching heat?

We worked against the clocks to get this done in time for the Saturday.

It looks like a bustling botanical haven!

Watch this space – in the next couple of months we hope these plants will have grown wild and we have a little jungle alongside the beloved Dome.

In the meantime follow the story on our instagram – @danyadarapermaculture

Thank you,


The danyadara Team