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Do you crave a nurturing experience that brings you back in touch with nature? Do you feel the urge to contribute towards a more sustainable future in a practical way? Are you keen to explore solutions that integrate diverse landscapes and people?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, our Permaculture Design Courses might be just what you are looking for.

Permaculture means different things to different people, but it mainly focuses on mimicking natural ecosystems to design sustainable human environments. It is about taking time to observe and value the diversity of beneficial relationships between plants, animals, people and all living organisms. In a nutshell, as explained by Fukuoka in his book The One Straw Revolution, it is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature.

Here at Danyadara, we work to promote soil health and biodiversity, improve water stewardship and increase carbon sequestration.

We do that by applying regenerative agriculture methods, replanting our grasslands with ground cover and pioneer trees and welcoming the help of diverse microbial species.

In the process, we passionately share our journey with others, fostering collaboration and holistic learning. Students from different locations and backgrounds are invited to join us for immersive experiences where the nature and the classroom become closely intertwined.

What makes our course unique? The abundance of possibilities…

  • to apply the theory to the land and experiment with the place you live in every day
  • to learn how to observe changes with new eyes, to adjust to nature’s rhythm and design accordingly
  • to see how permaculture can be applied to extreme climates and explore effective solutions for water use, harvesting and storage
  • to visit inspiring projects nearby and establish a network of experts in syntropic agriculture, organic olive growing and sustainable land management
  • to nourish your body and soul with delicious food harvested straight from our gardens or delivered to us by our neighbouring organic farmer
  • to enjoy the space and time to take it all in in the beautiful settings of Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre, one of the most popular yoga centres in Europe
  • to stretch your thoughts and muscles at our yoga classes
  • to sleep in a quirky eco-house built with upcycled materials (Follow the building progress on our Facebook page)
  • to cultivate relationships and be part of a welcoming community
  • to open new doors in your career or personal life thanks to the internationally recognised PDC Certificate awarded by the Permaculture Association, UK
  • to stay on after the course as a Danyadara volunteer to help taking care of the land and animals and become an ambassador of the project. Sam, one of last year’s students who decided to stay with us, shared his impressions and notes in his blog “Permaculture Life”. Have a read for some insight into the atmosphere and content of the course.

The cherry on the cake is made of fiery sunsets above the rolling hills, the birds’ concerts early in the morning, the pleasures and challenges of sharing and those moments that cannot be put into words but make a learning journey worth all our time and energy.

Get in touch with us to know more or fill in your registration form. We look forward to hear from you!